10 Supplies to consider when starting a Bouncy Castle Business

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 Here is a list of supplies to consider getting when you are starting your bouncy castle / Wedding Castle business.

supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business1. PORTABLE HANDHELD SHOP-VAC: Having a shop-vac is a game changer when it comes to cleaning out the inflatables. Really makes it quick and easy to clean out your inflatable... and don't try to cheap out and get a small dust-buster. You'll find it just won't do as good of a job. We have used the DeWALT DCV581H. It does come with a cord to plug in but definitely get batteries for it. This is a great product.
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supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business2. DOLLY: or cart, buggy, whatever you call it. These bouncy castles do weight quite a bit (about 200lbs). I don't care how strong you are, you will need a dolly to move them around. We have experienced that the best dollies are the ones with solid tires (not the air-filled tires) Again, if you buy the cheapest one, you may find that you'll have to replace it pretty quickly...but then again, it doesn't have to be crazy expensive. 
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supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business
This isn't completely necessary but it definitely adds a nice touch to the experience when you put it in the front of the castle. Gives people a chance to take off their shoes on a nice dry clean surface. Also looks better if the grass below doesn't look so good! you can find a 4'x8'. This shouldn't be too expensive either. You can pick this up anywhere from $25-$40 at wal-mart, home depot or rona. 

supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business4. EXTENSION CORDS: You'll definitely need some Heavy duty outdoor extension cords as most of the time, you'll be far away from an outlet. For safety reasons, we recommended the outdoor heavy duty cords as they have a higher amperage rating than the thinner indoor cords. We also recommended 50 feet MAX.
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supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business5. GENERATOR: There will be times where there won't an outlet close by so having a gas powered generator will ensure you don't miss those opportunities. Besides, It is an added value that you will be able to charge back to your customer. 
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supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business6. Sand Bags & Tarp: 
we suggest putting the castle on grass whenever possible. Grass is softer so makes it less damaging to the inflatable and also allows you to use your spikes to secure it. But if grass isn't available, a tarp and sandbags are needed. the tarp protects the bottom of the bouncy castle and sandbags - of course, keeps it securely on the ground. 
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supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business
7. Trailers/Truck: 
You'll need a way to transport your inflatable. On average, our inflatables weight about 150-200lbs and are about 5ftx3ft when rolled. Having a small 4x8 trailer or pickup truck would come in handy. Mini-Vans or SUVs can work as well but keep in mind you also have a dolly, blower and possible generator to transport. 

supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business8. BUSINESS CARDS: this may be a no brainer but business cards are definitely needed..no matter what you think about business cards. People will ask for one when you have the wedding castle up. It is a great way to spread the word. Have a call to action on it as well such as ask for them to tag your photos on social media or offer up a discount code. 

supplies you need to start a bouncy castle business9. SLEDGE HAMMER: have a trusted slug-hammer handy to help secure your bouncer with 18" spikes (which we provide with every inflatable purchase). 
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10. Small Side Table: Lastly...if you're going to be hired for weddings, it would be a good idea to have a small table so people are able to set their drinks on before going into the castle. The last thing you need is red wine split all over your beautiful wedding castle.


If you ever have any questions about what is needed or need some advice - do not hesitate to email us at contact@partycastles.ca


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