How to Clean a Bounce House?

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Cleaning your bounce house is one of the most important task for not only the longevity and cleanliness of the bouncer but also for growing your business. You want to provide your customers with clean fun products - especially if it is meant to add to the decor of the party. Customers value this and will call you out if you show up with a dirty smelly castle. If you do want that referral business, you must keep your castle clean. But it doesn't have to be a super difficult task. Here is the low down..

First, contrary to what many people think, "hosing it down" or using a power washer is not the right way to clean your bouncy castle. In fact, you want to try and avoid getting it wet. A wet castle can get moldy if not handled properly which will smell horrible. You can read "What to do if your inflatable gets stuck out in the Rain" to find out how to handle this mess.

So instead of getting it completely soaked, you will need the following:

1. A Hand Held Shop-Vac: We suggest getting a battery powered DeWalt Shop-Vac. very portable and much more discreet if you need to do a quick clean at an event.

2. A Non-Chemical Cleaning Solution: We suggest using a non-chemical based solution as some people bouncing may have allergic reactions to any chemical based sprays. Try mixing vinegar + water (Video:


3. Cleaning Rags / Paper Towels: Of course, with a cleaning spray, have some clean rags handy. You can buy a box of 'tshirt" rags from Uline 

That's it! The trick is to stay on top of it because it will get dirty. You will have marks on it from just simple wear and tear..especially those white bouncer. We suggest doing a wipe down when you go set-up at the event. Do one last clean/inspection before your guests come. It also gives off that "White-Glove Treatment" look.   

Then, when it is time to tear down - that is where you can do a good cleaning! it doesn't need to take long but a good cleaning at this time will save you having to do it later.




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