How To Deal With The Weather

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In this section, we wanted to touch on weather and what you need to know! As you might have guessed it - most of your rentals will be for outdoor use. That means, you'll have to be constantly looking at the weather forecast. The main reason why (if it wasn't obvious) is for SAFETY!! 

Safety should always be your #1 priority. You must remember that you have a legal obligation to make sure your customers do not suffer any injuries or harm as a result of your negligence or recklessness. In many countries, you will have to take every reasonably practicable step to ensure that your customers are safe.

When should you consider canceling on a customer?

  • When it is forecasting a high % chance of heavy rain. In our experience anything over 70% is an automatic cancelation. Light rain may be still okay. In this case, you can give your customer the option. Remember: getting your castle wet is okay but you will have extra work.
  • During heavy winds - anything over 15mph or 25km/h. Even with spikes and/or sandbags, inflatables should not be used.
  • During heatwaves. Yes, heat can also cause safety issues. Consider canceling when temperatures are over 45C / 113F.

Now, how you deal with those cancelations are up to you. You can try moving the castle indoors or rescheduling if that is an option. Other companies will issue a full refund which can keep customers not feeling like they totally lost.

The key to is be clear with your customer from the start. Be in constant communication about weather and potential of canceling if you feel like it is unsafe.


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