How To Handle A Bouncy Castle Stuck In The Rain

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When you become a bouncy castle business owner, you will quickly realize that you will also have to become a bit of an expert on the weather. This is just part of the job. When your business revolves around kids, safety should be your #1 concern. This may be sometimes having to cancel your bookings on a dimes notice. It happens!! Some customers may be upset so make sure you have processes in place that can handle these situations. 

But what happens if you have delivered the castle already and then, out of nowhere, it starts raining? First, let your customers know that the moment it starts to rain, they must:

  • Get everyone off the bouncy castle;
  • Wait for the rain to stop;
  • Wipe the inflatable with a towel to dry it out;
  • And let people back on it when it is dry.

As for what is in store for you as the business owner...


Good news: Your castle is fine! You don't want to make it a habit but rain won't damage it.
Bad News: You have work to do! You're going to have to dry out that castle as soon as you can. The reason why - mold! And a moldy castle smells! 


This isn't a particularly difficult task to do, more so that it is time consuming. Best way to dry out a castle - set it up on a sunny day. On hot summer days, it shouldn't take longer than an hour to evaporate. If the weather isn't as hot, you may need to get in there with towels. It's okay if you need to wait a few days for a sunny day to clean it out. 

Once it is dry, wipe it down. Inspect the entire castle for any wet spots. If you find there is still water trapped inside of the castle, literally lift the entire castle onto a side and let it pour out. You can use your dolly to help hold it up (as pictured). Continue to let it sit under the sun until it is all dry.

That's it. Like I mentioned, it is not the end of the world if your bouncy castle is stuck out in the rain. it happens. Best thing to do is, first - shut down the castle (or ask your customers if you are not there). Safety is your #1 priority. But once you have your castle, make plans to clean it out as soon as you can or you will have a moldy smelly castle! I hope this article has provided you some value. If you have any questions, comments - please comment below. Would love to hear your feedback or if you have a better way of drying out your castles - please share.

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