How to Market Your Bouncy Castle Rental Company

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In this section, we are going to cover branding and marketing your business (particularly on a tight budget) so you can start making a name for yourself in the local market. Let’s assume you already have your company name which we covered earlier in this e-book. Here are are few things to think about next:

  1. LOGO: Like any good business, you need a logo. It helps customers identify you from the rest. Adds a face to your company. If you are a creative type, you can design one yourself (remember to also design an icon for your social media profile pics). If you’re not the artistic type, there are certainly inexpensive services you can use. Just google “Logo generator” or “design a logo”. A great website is - you can get a pretty sweet logo for as low as $5.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA: This one is a big one. A MUST in todays world of business! If you are not already on social media, get on it!! Sign up for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Ideally using all the same handle name so things don’t get confusing for the customer. But yes, I cannot stress this enough - Get on it. Start posting pictures of your products. You can also document the journey of starting a business. Show them behind the scenes as people love to support small businesses and also gives a chance to see the human side of it. We can help get you started if needed by sending you some pictures - Just ask! We will be covering more on social media later on in this guide but the point is…start posting!!
  3. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS: Sign up for Google My Business. This is one of the easiest ways to have your business listing on the first google page (not always but it helps). Sign up - provide them with as much information as possible. Post pictures and you’re set. Also - this is the place where your customers can write those great reviews which in turn will help you capture more business. Reviews are everything so don’t be afraid to ask.
  4. WEBSITE: I am sorry to tell you this but you definitely need a website. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A website that showcases your inventory goes a long way in getting new business. If you’re on a budget and want to do this yourself - try They have pretty easy click and drag templates. But if you're looking for something more legit. A website that can take and manage your bookings - we can help with our Web services. We are now able to customize your own website for a 1 time fee of $299. To learn more visit or Web Service page
  5. BUSINESS CARDS: Last but not least is business cards. Always have business cards handy as it is a great way to let potential customers know how to reach you. This may be obvious but make sure you have your phone number, email, website and your social media handles on there!! You can try or any online printer for inexpensive cards.


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