How to Name Your Business

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Now that you have decided to start a bouncy castle business, it is time to start thinking of a business name. This should be a fun exercise but remember, once you choose a name - you have to stick to it. 

Here are few tips on helping you name your Bouncy Castle Businbess

  • The best names should be clear as to what your business does. 
  • DO NOT invent words. Despite company names such as "GOOGLE" or "SHOPIFY", you should stick to real words. 
  • Use words that people may use to google search your services. For example: inflatables, rentals, bounce, bouncy castles, wedding inflatables, party, etc.
  • Your business name should portray a positive message.
  • It should be easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Check to see if the .com address is available. go to
  • Think of your target audience

You want to make sure that your name hasn't been taken first before you commit. Do a business search in your area - first through google, then if that checks out, do a business name search through your federal or state/provincial business search database. 

More Information on doing a business name search in CANADA -  -

More Information on doing a business name search in USA

 Lastly, if you're stuck trying to name your business,  Bouncy Castle Network (BCN) has developed a great Free Business Name Generator. This can help spark up some ideas but keep in mind you want to be different - especially if you primarily want to focus on weddings -

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