How To Price Your Bouncy Castle Rentals

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In this section, we are going to discuss pricing. There are many different strategies you can take. Everyone has a different market, everyone has different costs associated so I don’t want to give you a straight up answer as to what you should be pricing but here are a few questions to answer to help guide you.

  1. What are other bouncy castle companies in your market charging?
    Find out what they are charging and the details (do they provide supervision, how many hours etc.) Do they even have a white castle? If you are the only one in your market, this is an opportunity to charge more.
  2. What are other wedding rental vendors charging for their services?
    You are not just another bouncy castle business with the white castle, you are also considering to be in the wedding business. Take a look at what those photo booth rentals are going for. Or Tables, chairs, tents, etc. Brides want their day to be special and are willing to spend for it.
  3. Last but not least, do you know your costs?
    This may be obvious but are you factoring in everything? You, of course, have gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle but also have other expenses such as insurance, website and staff to pay for. You should also factor in your time on the back and forth you may have when dealing with wedding planners/brides. You are in the business of making money!

Work whats best for you and remember, you don’t have to be married to your price. Drop your prices during slow seasons to help generator more sales. Raise them those peak seasons..experience and you’ll find your sweet spot.

If you’re still unsure - here’s an example of what has worked for us when it comes to renting our the WHITE Wedding castle

2 hours - $500
3 hours - $600
4 hours - $700

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are in Canadian dollars and would typically include supervision. Extra charges for delivery.


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