How to use Instagram to grow your bouncy castle business

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Say what you want about social media, but if you want to grow your bouncy castle business, one of the best way to do that is through Instagram. 

There is a lot of business to be made on Instagram. Not only is it a platform to showcase your products and services but also a chance to seek out potential customers and to stay connected with your community! Here are a few steps to take to get yourself setup and ways to use it.

Step 1 - Download and Sign-up for Instagram. I'm not going into detail on how to do that. But of course, pick a handle name, write a proper bio describing your services. Be sure to add keywords like Bouncy Castles, Rentals, Popcorn, so it stands out to your customer. Also - mention your territory you service. 

Step 2 - Start posting! So many different strategies on how to approach this but I suggest posting and documenting your operation and journey.  Showcase your products of course, but don't be afraid to show your customers the "behind the scenes".

Also important - make sure you are using hashtags and setting your location when you post. You are allowed up to 30 hashtags per post! Use ones that will your customers may be searching. 
If you need some inspiration on how other bouncy castle owners are successfully using instagram - check out: 







Step 3 - Start engaging with the right people. In bouncy castles - that would properly be parents. With white wedding castles - properly recently engaged couples or even wedding planners. 

Go to Search at the bottom of the app. Tap "Search". Then go to "Places".

Pick a town, city, area you want to target and start browsing through the photos. Look for anyone with kids, engagement photos, maybe keep an eye out for any wedding decor etc. Follow, like and engage! Be a part of the conversations. Give a tip! Say hello! Tell a joke. Offer a discounted rate to rentals. You'll start getting a some followers which means, you have their attention.

I suggest doing the same thing but look for other small businesses in your area - it is amazing how much other business owners want to help you grow. Work together and build each other up! Promote each others products on IG Stories (this is whole other conversation). You can really increase your network doing this.

Step 4 - Just keep going! Be consistent, try new things, have fun with it! This is great, cheap way to stay connected with your market and advertise. 




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