Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

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We gave you reasons to start a bouncy castle business. We gave you a list of supplies you are going to need, now in this section you will learn what to expect in terms of work structure.

Going into this business definitely has its advantages - You get to work outside, set your own hours and even build it enough to have your winters essentially off. You can even start at your own pace, with an investment you are comfortable with. Start as a side business. Build it up until you are able to work at it full time.

What you have to keep in mind is that this business is not your typical 9 to 5, Monday to Friday gig. Your money makers are those beautiful sunny summer Weekends - When family and friends are getting together - When people are getting married - When people are hosting birthdays, etc!

So are you willing to sacrifice those beautiful sunny weekends to build your business? 

Weekends are your money makers but you also need to keep in mind that that doesn't mean you're only working weekends! You are a business owner now. Weekdays are your chance to be proactive, prepare, clean, innovate! 

Be Proactive: Weekdays are a chance to sell. Reach out to potential customers - Parents, brides, wedding planners, venues, photographers! You can learn more about marketing your business in Chapter 3: Marketing. Of course, Word of mouth is always the best form to grow but being proactive in marketing yourself is also needed.

Prepare & Clean: You'l be spending your weekdays preparing for the weekends. Keep up your supplies, charge up your vacuums, clean out your castles, Dry them out if they were stuck out in the rain

Innovate: Get creative with the business. Build / maintain your website. Grow your social media following. Seek out other products to offer your customers. This is your chance to stand out from the competition. We are happy chat anytime to bounce (no pun intended) ideas. You can connect with us by DM'ing on instagram @bouncybusinessco or email us at

What you need to keep in mind is that starting any business isn't as easy as it may look. You have to consider this and ask yourself do you have what it takes. Are you willing to sacrifice short term fun for long term gains? 


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