Reasons to start a Bouncy Castle Business

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Welcome to the wonderful world of inflatables! I'm assuming since you clicked on this article, you are starting (or thinking about starting) a bouncy castle business. Good for you! The bouncy castle business can be very lucrative, rewarding and fun! Of course, like any business, it does require hard work but you get what you put into it! That is the beauty of being a entrepreneur - You take control and make something happen!! 

That being said, here are a few reasons you should start a bouncy castle business..

START UP COSTS:  The good news is that your initial costs does not have to be out of control. Relative to other start-up costs, you can start with an investment you are comfortable with. Start with as little as one bouncy castle and work your way up. Rent it out until you have enough money for another. You'll be surprised how quickly you build your inventory.

WORK YOUR OWN HOURS: Unlike other businesses, you don't have to jump into it full-time. You can start it as a side business if you want. Limit the days you work so it best suits your lifestyle. Keep in mind, your money makers are primarily nice warm summer weekends. 

GET A WORK OUT: This business does require getting physical so be prepared for heavy lifting. You will be taking them up and down stairs, hills, through gravel, narrow pathways, in and out of the trailer/truck/van...and not to mention cleaning and maintenance. It's hard work but as you gain more experience, perhaps add on employees, it will get easier. 

FYI ...our white wedding castles are on the lighter side..just saying! 

EASY MONEY: Despite the manual labour, if you have the right processes and tools in place, you can earn a good revenue stream by essentially just traveling to your customers and setting up castles. Not to mention, spending time outdoors. Its a great business if you want something small or have big dreams! Skies the limit. 

Definitely do your research before you dive into it. Know the laws in your area. See about any licensing or certificates you may require and look into liability insurance as this is a must!


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