Introducing Our New Commerical Style Cotton Candy Machine

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We are happy to annouce that we are now offering a new and improve Cotton Candy Machine - The Breeze.

I know what you are thinking "Why the upgrade when we already had the vintage style machine??" Well we had a demand for something that was easier and faster and although our current vintage style machine is great and fun to use, it just isn't the best machine when trying to serve in a busy environment. The Breeze is a commerical grade machine that can whip delicious floss sugar in no time. This is the exact same machine "the carnies" use at the fairs.

We currently have 1 machine available so reserve your date asap - we operate on a first come first served basis. Included in the rental - 60 servings of flavoured (blue raspberry or cherry berry) floss sugar with an option to add more. Special rates are available when you combo with a castles.

And dont forget - we offer free delivery to Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton to Niagara Falls

Stay tuned for How to Videos soon so you can feel confident when its time for dessert. 

 This is just the start..we plan on expand our line more soon - help support our small business by spreading the word about us.

Thank you. Party On!

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